Grown Man Gives Birth…to Kidney Stone

kidney stone, tiny but oh so painful!I wanted to title this “MAN HAS BABY.” Why? Maybe because I have had women in my life tell me how painful child birth can be and that a “man” could not handle the pain. It could be that I had several doctors and veterans of these mini monsters tell me that passing a kidney stone is the closest thing to the pain involved in giving birth. Women who have had both pains tell me its a toss up on the agony scale…different, but the same.

Dr. Oz said passing a kidney stone hurts like nothing else.  It is unique in its scale, duration and variations of pain.
So if it is that similar, does that mean that this man could handle having a baby?!  I had a BABY.

I suffered, I mean, suffered for 50 hours – long, sleepless hours. I had time to wonder: “How much longer will this go on? Can the pain possibly get worse? Am I going to die? How did I get this? What can I do to make sure I NEVER have this again?”

One thing that crossed my mind was, “How can I stop someone from or help someone else through this torture? I know some of you are wanting details and facts, numbers and even science!  What, who and why people get kidney stones and how they are formed.  I also know that some of you want just the basics. I think I’ll keep it simple. Know that my intention is education and prevention. I semi-technically had a baby and no man should have to do that! Plus, the women already have had quite a lot pain to bare.  Heck, you were that pain they bared!

The technical name for a kidney stone is renal calculus.  I thought I hated calculus in high school and college.  How do you know you have a kidney stone?  You will be curled on the floor thinking you are dying and there can be blood, vomit, pus, fever and absolutely no giggling.  How long will in last?  Hours to days.  Who gets them and why?

  • first off, men get it more often (80-20%).
  • being a white man makes it even more likely.
  • being over weight.
  • having too much sodium.
  • dehydration from lack of water or too much alcohol.
  • too much animal protein.
  • too many refined sugars
  • too much high fructose corn syrup
  • too many sodas

Clearly, don’t be a white man if you can help it. Watch what you are eating and drinking. You don’t have to be a diet Nazi, but you cannot make the above your lifestyle.  So many Americans have done just that.   I’m here to tell you that it just isn’t worth it.  Drink your water, watch what goes in your mouth and educate yourself further.  The kidney stone could be the least of your problems, but I promise you will think about death as it happens.  You do not want an unplanned “pregnancy”, but if you keep fooling around you may as well start picking out names.  I named mine Plymouth.  The one difference is that I don’t have to raise it for 18 years…

I hope that helps.  Need more info? Email Me.

Leading so you can see the way,



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