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New Video! – PiYo Buns – Week 3

Beachbody Coach Bart Emken cheers on wife and fellow Coach Courtney as she kicks her way through PiYo Buns. This workout was no joke, but totally worth the effort! If you need someone to support you and keep you accountable through your weight loss journey, let us Coach you! Find out more at

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Bart Emken, 2011

This is Why We Do It – Bart’s Results with P90X & Insanity

I often get the question, why are you running a second business?  You already have a great business with DogBoy’s Dog Ranch!  How do you possibly make time for it all?  The answer is easy when you look at Bart’s Before & After pictures:                       […]

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Fit Club Austin, Immanuel Lutheran Church

Keeping up with the Young’uns

Tonight, we hosted one of our two weekly fit clubs, this one at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pflugerville.  We usually have a mix of young and old, fit and injured, and tonight was no exception.  The group ranged in age from 12 to 68.  What impressed me the most is that our 68 year old, […]

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